Confession: I’m an author, but my children hate to read.

But I’ve heard of that dreaded summer slide, so I knew something must be done. I recently saw a reading challenge for kids about different types of books they should read (ie. Read a book about animals, Read a book about space, Read a biography, etc.). That’s super cute, but my book-allergic kids wouldn’t enjoy reading that many different books, especially those outside their preferred genre. For my son with dyslexia, if he reads ONE book this summer, I’m happy.

I created this list of fun ways/places to read and/or reflect on what they’ve read. I’ve tailored it to our lifestyle and planned vacations.

It’s a simple pdf. I wish I was one of those fancy moms that creates printables that are Joanna Gaines worthy, but style ain’t my thing, no matter how hard I try. If you want you can steal this, edit it, fancyfy it for Pinterest, whatever. I’ve got a blanket fort to help build.

In the comments below, please share how you get your children to read in summertime! I need all the help I can get!