My Stories

Flash Fiction

Two silhouettes in the old west

Spark Magazine- May 2018

Contest runner-up, “Go West, Young Love,” is a modern ode to wagon trail romances. Jessi leaves Boston to take over her uncle’s general store in Montana, but her best friend, Nick, sees through her excuse. She’s running away and he won’t let her go without a fight…

Man and woman dance

Spark Magazine February 2018

In this Sadie Hawkins-themed issue, the ladies pursue the men. “Her Beloved’s Kiss,” is a Civil War era romance where a battlefield nurse-turned-surgeon ends searches for the man she once loved and left behind.

Short Stories


Velocity: Nebula Chronicles

“Regenesis” is one of six short stories in this middle-grade compilation.  Seen through the eyes of eleven-year-old, Andrew, the colony Regenesis is a picture of classic Americana and proof that humanity could survive life on another planet. But the colony has only survived because of its harsh expulsion of rulebreakers and criminals. When Andrew and his eighteen-year-old brother catch two of these criminals pillaging food, they learn that the truth isn’t all it seems and that those we hold up as heroes sometimes have the farthest to fall. Full of enough adventure, suspense, twists and turns that both parents and kids will enjoy it. And enough hints of an off-the-page love story to make the moms smile. Also available on Audio!